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    This site is only new, so please do be patient. It will get better gradually. I hope. If you would like to help me with Episode Reviews or anything else on the site please email me at Also e-mail me if you don't have the font I'm using on this page and I will send it to you.

    Site Updates

  • 14 March '02 - Sorry bravenet was down for ages here is everything I said would be up, UP. Sorry. ;)
  • 5 March '02 - I haven't been able to put anything up again becasue of this damn server. I've also fuond out the links to the musical songs haven't been working. This has been fixed now. I hope. I have had to take down the Quiz and Feedback section because of problems but I will hopefully have them up in a while. UPDATES: More scripts up. (3). Musical page has been redone. Season 6 reviews have been added. A little bit of News. Very small bit. New links have been added. More sounds too.
  • 21 February '02 - Sorry but bravenet has been down so I haven't been able to upload anything. But I have now put up a new Quiz page which I hope you like and don't think is a total pile of crap. (Like I do.)
  • 19 February '02 - I'm sorry I've taken so long to update the site. I have the songs from the musical up.
  • 2 February '02 - New Feedback section. Hint Hint. Send me some. Also More Episode Guides up - Season 4 and more of Season 6
  • 28 January '02 - New Splash up. Please tell me what you think. Also a couple of new Fanfics.
  • 26 January '02 - Scripts are up. More Fanfic Up. The Cool Stuff Page is up. I'm not going to do the Trivia Page. Sorry.
  • 12 January '02 - Well I've put up a new index page because the old wasn't working properly!
  • 11 January '02 - Season 2 Episode Guide is up.
  • 8 January '02 - Sounds and Fan Fiction are up.
  • 5 January '02 - Site Opened

    Coming Soon (5 March '02)

  • I have some episode reviews from another person. I expect to have them up in a week or so.

    Buffy and Angel On TV.

    Sorry I haven't found out the names of the Angel Season 3 epiosdes. Feel free to send them to me. Angel Season 2 has been stopped on TV3 for some reason. I will tell you when it will be on again as soon as I know! BBC 2 stopped showing Buffy for three weeks because of the winter olympics and I think over the next two weeks they will be showing the Season 5 finale.

    This is only for The UK and Ireland

    This Week - 18/02/02

    7 March - Sky One - 8.00 - Wrecked - Season 6
    7 March - Sky One - 9.00 - ??? - Season 3 (Angel)
    7 March - TV3 - 8.00 - The Body - Season 5

    Next Week - 25/02/02

    14 March - Sky One - 8.00 - Gone - Season 6
    14 March - Sky One - 9.00 - ??? - Season 3 (Angel)
    14 March - TV3 - 8.00 - Forever - Season 5

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