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Season 1

Welcome to the Hellmouth 6/10

We are introduced to all the characters. Buffy gets into a bit of trouble.

The Harvest 6/10

Second part of Welcome to the Hellmouth. Buffy saves the day while making some new friends at the same time.

The Witch 7/10

a girl in Buffy's class is casting spells because she wants to get onto the cheerleading squad

Teacher's Pet 5/10

Xanderfalls in love with a teacher in school who is actually a Preying Mantis

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date 6/10

Buffy's social life gets mixed with her slaying. Not Good!

The Pack 6/10

Xander and some other people start acting like Hyenas after a trip to the zoo

Angel 9/10

Shows how Buffy and Angel's relationship progresses

I Robot - You Jane 7/10

Willow falls in love with a cyber friend who as it turns out is being controlled by a demon.

The Puppet Show

Very entertaining episode where Buffy, Willow and Xander have to take part in the School Talent Show

Out of Sight, Out of Mind/ Invisible Girl 8/10

A girl who has been ignored at school eventually turns invisible.

Prophecy Girl 9/10

It is prophecised that Buffy willl die

I didn't really like this season except for a few choice episodes