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Season 2

When She was Bad 8/10

Buffy comes back from visting her Dadin La for the summer with a serious attitude. As a result of this she gets the rest of the scooby gang in trouble.

Some Assembly Required 6/10

A guy in school tries to put a perfect girl together for his brother who has rose from the dead.

School Hard 7/10

Parent-Teacher night. Buffy spends her time keeping her mom away from Principal Snyder. While this is going on spike arrives to cause chaos.

Inca Mummy Girl 5/10

Xander once again picks the wrong girl. She is a mummy who has to suck the life from people to stay alive

reptile Boy 7/10

Buffy is invited to go to a frat party with Cordelia. They get druged by the frat guys. These frat guys end up being monster worshippers and Buffy and cordelia are their sacrafices

Halloween 6/10

Everyone is turned into the costume they are wearing. Buffy: Helpless Lady from the 1700s Xander: GI Joe Willow: A ghost

Lie to Me 8/10

Buffy's friend, Ford from LA moves to Sunnydale. He is a vampire wannabe because he has a brain tumour and is afraid to die. He tries to trade Buffy for immortality

The Dark Age 8/10

Giles' past comes back to haunt him.

What's My Line Part 1 9/10

Spike sends the Order of Taraka after Buffy. Kendra - the new slayer, arrives in town. She doesn't understand that Abgel is good and leaves him to the sunlight.

What's My Line Part 2

Willy finds Angel and turns him over to Spike and Dru. Spike wants to perform a ritual which will strengthen Dru but kill Angel

Ted 7/10

Buffy's mom has a new boyfriend. Buffy doesn't like him. She has a fight with him and pushes him down the stairs she thinks he is dead. It turns out that Ted is a robot and was planning to kill Joyce.

Bad Eggs 5/10

Buffy's class are given eggs to look after as part of teen health ed. These eggs turn out to be demon offspring. WARNING WARING FILL IN EPISODE!!!

Surprise 8/10

It's Buffy's 18th birthday. Her present, the Judge is reassembled and Angel turns evil

Innocence 9/10

The Judge is ready to kill. Angel is evil. Very cool episode.


The story of how Oz was turned into a werewolf

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered 6/10

Xander casts a love spell which goes a tad astray

Passion 10/10

Angel is evil. He kills Ms. Calender. My favourite episode.

Killed by Death 8/10

Buffy gets the flu which puts her in hospital. There is some sort of demon there. Very enjoyable fill-in!

I Only Have Eyes for You 9/10

Brings back memories of Buffy and Angel together. Very strange but cool episode. Great performances fro Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz

Becoming Part 1 9/10

We are told the story of how Buffy Angel got to where they are now. Lots of other stuff happens to. Watch it!

Becaoming Part 2 10/10

Buffy tells her mom she is a vampire slayer and gets kicked out of her house. she is also kicked out of school. Willow restores Angel's soul but Buffy has to kill him because that is the only way she can stop hell on earth

Angel being evil is so cool!