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Season 3

Anne 8/10

Buffy is struggling, in LA, to come to terms with Angel's 'death'. She tries to forget that she is the slayer. This doesn't work because someone comes to her looking for help. This pushes he to go home to Sunnydale

Dead Man's Party 8/10

When Buffy arrives home she doesn't get the welcoming reception from her friends that she expected. Zombies invade the party thrown by Willow and Xander. Loads of 'Dingoes Action' so I like it!

Faith, Hope and Trick 7/10

buffy's life is just getting back to normal when Faith, the new slayer, arrives bringing her troubles with her.

Beauty and the Beasts 8/10

Buffy meets Scott's friends. They aren't what you would expect. Oh yeah ....and not to forget....Angel's back!

Homecoming 6/10

Buffy and Cordelia get obsessed with becoming Homecoming Queen while Mr Trick starts a competition the of which is to kill the slayers.

Band Candy 8/10

The whole town is given candy which makes adults act like teenagers. Giles and Joyce get it on. Very entertaining episode!

Revelations 8/10

The Scooby Gang find out that Angel is back. Nobody trusts Angel. Faith gets a new watcher. Thats about it really

Lover's Walk 9/10

Buffy gets her SAT results. Everyone starts discussing her future while she is thinking of her lack of a future. Spike comes back to Sunnydaleto reek havoc. As usual. Very funny episode. Spike is always funny. Also there are some major break ups!

The Wish 8/10

Very strange episode. Anyanka, a vengence demon, comes to town. She grants an unsuspecting Cordelia a wish. Cordelia wishes Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale. She goes to an alternate reality where this is true.

Amends 9/10

It's Christmas in Sunnydale and everyone is happy. Except for Angel who is being haunted by the spirits of the people he killed

Gingerbread 7/10

Buffy's mom tries to be a good parent by going to see what Buffy does on patrol. This doesn't work out. Joyce finds the bodies of two kids. As a result Jooyce sets up an organisation MOO - Mothers Opposing the Occult

Helpless 8/10

There is a test for the slayer on her 18th birthday. They have to prove they are worthy. Buffy's powers are taken away and she has to face a phsyco vampire alone.

The Zeppo 7/10

Xander feels left out because of his lack of super powers. While everyone else is averting the apocolypse Xander deals with a crisis of his own.

Bad Girls 9/10

Buffy decides to let her hair down and act like Faith when their new watcher, Wesley, arrives. This doesn't work out well.

Concequences 9/10

Buffy and Faith are suspected of murder. Faith decides to bail. Buffy tries to stop her. Not much else really. Excellent episode though

Dopplegangland 6/10

Anyanka tries to retrieve her powers she lost in The Wish this fails there are now 2 Willows in the one dimension. FILL-IN EPISODE!!!!

Enemies 9/10

Buffy realises Faith is a rogue slayer. Angel pretends to be evil so Faith will give u p information about the mayors accension

Earshot 9/10

Buffy gains an aspect of a demon She gains the ability to hear thoughts. This nearly causes her to go insane.

Choices 5/10

Willow gets kidnapped by the mayor. Buffy has to go against Weasly's wishes to rescue her

The Prom 9/10

Angel tells Buffy he is leaving Sunnydale. Loads of Buffy-Angel angst. A cool episode

Graduation Part 1 10/10

The run up to the mayor's accension.

Graduation Part 2 10/10

The mayors accension. 2 great episodes

As you can see Season Three is my favourite season. Only one ba show - Choices. Others may not thik so.