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Season 4

The Freshman - 8/10

Buffy starts college. She finds aout that it is completely different to high school. She doesn't like it

Living Conditions - 8/10

Buffy is having trouble adjusting to college life and her new room-mate Kathy isn't helping. Entertaining Episode.

The Harsh Light of Day - 9/10

Buffy falls in love with Parker. But he isn't all he is craked up to be. Spike is back in town on business

Fear, Itself - 7/10

It's Hallowe'en. Buffy and the guys go to a frat party which turns out in a disaster as usual

Beer Bad - 8/10

Beer = Foamy. Cool episode. Very very funny.

Wild at Heart - 9/10

Oz leaves Sunnydale to work things out about his werewolf gig.

The Initiative 6/10

Not a very memorable episode. It just kinda fills you in about the initiative, hence the name.

Pangs - 7/10

Crossover. Not a very good one but sitll a crossover!

Something Blue - 8/10

Willow casts a spell to heal her heart. It goes a bit wrong and makes Spike propose to Buffy. The funny thing is that she excepts.

Hush - 11/10

The voices of Sunnydale are stolen. Excellent episode. Easily my favourite episode of the series

Doomed - 8/10

There is an earthquake in Sunnydale which scares Buffy because the last time there was an earthquake she died

A New Man - 8/10

Giles feels left out becasue he is old. He meets up with Ethan Rayne. He gets a bit drunk and Ethan turns him into a monster.

The I in Team - 7/10

Buffy joins the Initiative. Not really much else to say

Goodbye, Iowa - 6/10

Riley finds out the truth about the Initiative. Adam is free. He causes a bit of damage.

This Year's Girl - 8/10

Faith is alive and kicking..Buffy's ass. She switch's their bodys. Pretty cool episode.

Who Are You - 9/10

Second part of This Year's Girl

Superstar - 9/10

Jonathan casts a spell so that he is a superstar in Sunnydale. He is the best at everthing even slaying!

Where The Wild Things Are - 6/10

It's basically Buffy and Riley shagging for the whole episode. Pretty crap really. Well I didn't like it.

New Moon Rising - 9/10

Oz returns YAY! But Willow is now gay and doesn't want him back. Strange episode but cool

The Yoko Factor - 9/10

Angel comes to Sunnydale to apologise to Buffy about his behaviour in LA. He meets Riley and beats the crap out of him. Entertaining to say the least.

Primeval 8/10

The Season finale cuz the next episode has nothing to do with anything during the season. Buffy defeats Adam. What a surprise. Cool effects though.

Restless 7/10

Alternate dream reality's. Thats all a caught of the episode. I didn't really like it much

This season was quite a crap one with the exception of Hush. Very disappointing. Although there were a few choice episodes