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Season 5

Buffy vs. Dracula 9/10

A great start to a great season! Buffy, as you can tell from the title, faces the infamous Dracula. A really entertaining episode in which Xander declares he is nobody's "butt monkey" and Giles gets seduced by the "Three Sisters"

The Real Me 7/10

Dawn is the major character in "The Real Me". We find out how much she annoys Buffy without annoying anyone else but Giles. Harmony makes an appearance thats about all I can tell ya without going into the long rigmaroll of telling the story.

The Replacement 8/10

As you may already know nicolas Brendon has a twin. In this episode Xander gets split into 2. Nicolas Brendon's twin plays one half of Xander. Xander is split into his good traits and his bad traits. The story goes on from there.

Out of My Mind 8/10

Riley's plan to forget The Initiative fail in this episode because Professer Walsh tinkered with his ticker and now he doesn't feel to good. Buffy's mom is also in hospital about her headaches.

No Place Like Home 7/10

Buffy's whole world changes in this episode. So many different things happen to turn her world upside down

Family 7/10

Tara's family arrive in Sunnydale to take her "home"

Fool for Love 9/10

Buffy gets wounded by a run of the mill vampire. This makes her curious about how other slayer died. She goes to Spike and he tells her how he killed two slayers.

Shadow 7/10

Joyce is sick in hospital. Buffy has forgotten to call Riley and tell him but she has told Spike. So Riley gets pissed off.

Listening to Fear 8/10

Some sort of weird demon comes to Sunnydale from space. Its kills people with some sort a saliva. OK I don't know how to explain this episode.

Into The Woods 8/10

RILEY LEAVES!!! YAY! Buffy finds out he has been letting vampires feed off of him. She gets pissed off. Riley leaves (yay) for some government project in South America

Triangle 7/10

Anya and Willow are bickering lots in this episode. This bickering makes Willow cast a spell the wrong way and she releases a troll who reeks havoc.

Checkpoint 8/10

The council come to town and tell Buffy about Glory

Blood Ties 8/10

Dawn finds out that she is the key and pulls a freaker!

Crush 8/10

Buffy finds out that Spike has a crush on her. Dru comes back to Sunnydale and makes Spike choose between her and Buffy

I Was Made To Love You 7/10

Warren makes a "sex bot" who basically beats people up until she finds her Warren. Quite an amusing episode.

The Body 10/10

One of the best episodes of the season. Joyce dies. Buffy tries to deal.

Forever 9/10

Joyce's funeral. Angel is in this episode for a couple of scenes

Intervention 8/10

Buffy is still finding it hard to deal with her loss. Spike is finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that Buffy doesn't fancy him so he gets Warren to build him a buffy bot

Tough Love 8/10

Buffy tries to put her foot down with Dawn, but doesnt't really succeed. Tara and Willow have a fight. Before they can make up Glory gets to Tara

Spiral 9/10

Buffy, Dawn and the erst of the gang have to escape from Sunnydale and hide from Glory because Glory has found out that Dawn is the Key.

Weight of the World 9/10

Buffy goes into shock. She just shuts down because Glory has Dawn

The Gift 11/10

Buffy is going against Glory to save Dawn. Unfortunatley saving Dawn's life means giving up her own.

Very, very, very good season!