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Season 6

Bargaining - Part 1

Hopefully the beginnings of another brilliant season. By the looks it thats what were in for. After the shocking end to Season 5 this episode continues the story. Set three months after Buffy's death we see how the Scooby Gang are coping.

Bargaining - Part 2 - All Together 9/10

The story continues. Bargaining Part 1 and 2 were shown as a two hour special in the UK and Ireland. Don't know how it worked in the U.S. and Canada

After Life - 8/10

Buffy is back. We dunno whether she is that happy about it or not.

Flooded - 7/10

Buffy finds out that money is running low. She is still a bit distant. Not really back to normal

Life Serial - 8/10

A different Buffy episode but different in a good way. I thought the idea for the episode was good.

All The Way - 6/10

I thought this episode was pretty crap. maybe its because I don't really like dawn. She annoys me cuz she is too immature!

Once More With Feeling - 10/10

BRILLIANT! At first I didn't know what to think but that was so well done. Joss Whedon is just unbelievably brilliant!

Tabula Rasa - 7/10

I didn't really like this episode but I thought that it was funny Spike being called Randy

Smashed - 9/10

It had to happen between Spike and Buffy. This was a very cool episode!