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By Clara_M

Sadly I do not own any of the characters within this story they belong to Joss Weadon. (What do you have against happy couples?) Anyway I'm rebelling when I heard that Doyle was going to die I decided there was no way that I was going to sit back and watch a perfectly good couple get destroyed. So this is dedicated to Mel who was just as outraged as I was. Also I'd love some feedback I'm yet to have any.


Cordelia sat in the office of Angel investigations and cried what felt like the ten millionth tear she had cried since Doyle's death, He had only been gone two days and already she missed there banter and flirting and those damned prejudiced demons who had to build that stupid machine. And why did Doyle have to die just after he had kissed her and made her realise how much she loved him.

"Cordy?" She whirled around when she heard Angel say her name. He had obviously just got up as his hair was dishevelled and sticking up in all directions.

"Hi, Angel." Cordelia replied giving him a small smile as she ran one hand through her hair.

"Cordelia, What are you doing here its 5am. Even I'm normally asleep at this time." He took another hard look at her and sighed "Couldn't sleep again huh?"

"Nope, I haven't slept since…" Her voice trailed off as the tears began to fall again. In a heartbeat Angel was next to her and wrapping his strong arms around her as she cried out all her pain over Doyle. "It's not fair." Where the only recognisable words to come from the sobbing women for the next few minutes as Angel rocked her slowly and made soothing noises.

"There was nothing we could do Cordy. He was determined to stop them killing is people."

"But…But why did… it have to kill him… why couldn't he just get them away on that ship…Why did he have to be a hero?" She cried out as Angel looked at her helplessly. "And why did I have to realise that I loved him then? Why didn't I realise earlier…we could have been happy! Why do I have to lose everyone I love? First Xander Now…Now…" And she broke down again and Angel felt his Un-dead heart break for her and his dead friend, she was right they could have been happy, it really wasn't fair and that's when he made up is mind.

"Cordy, I'm going to get him back I'm going to see the Oracles maybe theres still a chance…" He watched as the first sign of hope crossed her face.

"You really think we could get him back?" Angel took her hand and squeezed it.

"I'm not promising but I'll try." He stood up and walked towards the elevator to his apartment. "You find a gift and I'll get dressed." Angel said knowing giving Cordelia a role would help her get going again.


Angel chanted the last words over the fire and walked into the Oracles temple holding the pendant that Cordelia had given him explaining that using something that belonged to her made her feel more involved in helping Doyle and Angel wasn't inclined to argue.

In front of him stood the two Oracles, The female one looked up at him and asked "What have you brought us?"

"A pendant from a friend of mine." He watched as his gift was lifted from his hand and flew towards the female oracle who seemed satisfied. The male one paced for a bit and asked "Why do you come?"

Angel looked him square in the eye and said "I've lost a friend, the girl whose pendant you have? She can't sleep or eat and all she does is cry, We need him back."

The Oracles looked back at him surprised, The female Oracle looked at him before saying "It was explained to you, we do not meddle with death, when it is time it is time." Angel shook his head.

"No! You said you would only interfere if it was not time, if it was wrong, and this is! The powers that be and you must understand that, We need him, he was our link to the powers that be, I…" He shook his head again "We can't carry on doing your work without him."

The Oracles looked above them and the lights seemed to blink for a second. "The powers say he could be brought back, He is at this point in between worlds and could be influenced into returning to the land of the living." The male Oracle said.

"However." The female continued "His heart must wish to return." Angel smiled the one thing he cares about most his here, he wants to come back." The oracles looked at each other briefly before they each waved there left hands and Angel found himself back outside the temple. He stood for a moment before taking off back to the office.


Cordelia was stood filing away several files on cases Angel had solved when she felt two arms encircle her waist. She sighed before saying "I take it, it didn't work?"

"What?" Asked the strong Irish accent and Cordelia's eyes opened wide.

"Doyle!" She exclaimed turning around and throwing her arms around his neck. Before kissing him passionately which Doyle happily returned.

They were disturbed when Angel crashed through the door and they broke off regretfully and turned to face him. Angel smiled before saying "Welcome back Doyle." And stuck out his hand and as Doyle shook it gladly he replied, "It's good to be back."