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Cave by the sea.

By Clara_M


Timeline: Okay when Angel mentioned the cave by the sea in changes I had an idea. This will most likely be no good but hey I don't write these often and when I have an idea I just have to run with it. So maybe just before earshot.

Feed back: This will hopefully be short but sweet so let me know if you like, hate or really can't stand my stories and want me to shut up? Let me know!

Dedication: This Mel and Charlotte.

Hope you enjoy this story as it's the first one I've ever finished, there for its important to me.

All characters belong to Joss. *Duh*


"Angel. Help!" Buffy cried out as the long head of the serpent came at her again out of the cave. Buffy curled her body and rolled out of the way the serpents teeth missing her by centimeters.

"Any time now!" She cried out as the serpent took another swipe at her.

"Hang on I'm almost there!" Angel shouted as he positioned himself on a rock that jutted out over the mouth of the cave. He had in his hands a sword and the silver blade sparkled in the moonlight.

"Typical. Why am I always the one who has to keep the demons and other Hellmouth trash busy?" Buffy huffed as the serpent turned on her again. As she flung herself out of the serpents reach her leather coat flying she risked a glance at Angel.

"Buffy!" Angel yelled at her. "Lead him over hear and all stab him."

"Don't need to tell me twice." Buffy said to herself as she picked herself up off the sand and ran towards the foot of the cave. The creature turned its head in to see where Buffy had gone just in time to see her dart into the mouth of the tunnel. Pulling it's mouth back into an ugly grin it snapped it's head round and letting out a deafening screech slithered towards Buffy at lightening speed.

Buffy looked up to make sure Angel was still standing ready with the sword, He was and as the serpent came close she jumped swinging herself up onto the same ledge as Angel and watched as he stuck the sword into the creatures back. The serpent let out a shattering scream and withered to the sand and lay still.

Buffy looked down at the thing on the sand still breathing heavily as Angel turned towards her.

"You okay?" He asked a concerned look on his face.

"Yep. Dead monster world free of one more… that thing has mucked my hair up!" Buffy cried as she looked at the mirror she had taken from her pocket. Angel chuckled at her and reached out with one of his hands and smoothed her hair away from her face.

"You still look beautiful to me." He said kissing her quickly on the lips.

Buffy blushed with embarrassment and looked back at Angel "We should probably bury that,"

"Err Buffy?" Angel said interrupting her "I don't think we need to bother…"

They both looked down at the serpents body as it began to disintegrate into a white stuff "Kind of like the monster in the faculty." Buffy thought to herself as the liquid was washed away by the sea leaving only the sword.

Angel looked at Buffy before asking "Mochas?"

"Yes please." She replied as he helped her down off the ledge and put his arm around her waist. They started walking up the beach and Buffy laid her head on his shoulder and hoped the moment would never end.