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Cool Stuff

OK Still majorly under constuction because I have had so much homework over the last few weeks. Sorry! Here's the start.


  • **NEW** Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to Dublin in May/June SO GO BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW! Thats is you want to go.
  • Tom Green and Drew Barrymore are getting divorced. Such a short marraige. But not totally unexpected.
  • For all you Irish Blink 182 fans who were wondering when the concert in The Pointwas on it's not being rescheduled. IT'S CANCELLED. Officially. I got a letter in the post about 2 days ago to tell me. That's slightly annoying.
  • For all Melaton Fans! Their new EP is coming out at the end of January.
  • Links

    Melaton favourite band ever!

    Phantom FM Best Radio Station on the planet! You are able to listen to it over the web too which is cool.

    Blink 182 Deadly Limp Bizkit Site!

    Simply Scripts Best place to look for scripts Really cool new up and coming Irish Band

    Damien Rice really cool new Irish artist

    Downloads- you need winzip for these downloads.

    Dotbot It's a cool robot that talks back to you. Gets annoying after a while!

    DX Ball Very very addictive game. Similar to bricks

    Grr_arg A Video of the end of Buffy and Angel GRR ARRG.

    Tamagochi Tamagochi program for your PC

    Viper PC version of the popular game Snake on Nokia fones.