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Title: Dearest Buffy

Author: Kate


Rating: PG

Disclaimer: No, as much as it pains me I don't own them.

Content: B/A Fluff

Timeline: Just after Angel turns human, so well say in a few years.

Spoilers: None

Distribution: Please, just tell me where so I can tell my friends.

Synopsis: Angel's just turned human and is nervous about confronting Buffy so he writes her a letter.

Author's Note: Feedback is worshipped!

Buffy pushed the door to her apartment open and dropped the mail on the table. She pressed the button on her answering machine and listened to her messages. There was a message from Dawn saying that Collage wasn't that bad after all and Willow reminding her they still had to shop for Xander and Anya's wedding. She got a glass of juice from the fridge and took the mail into the living room. As she was about to pick up the first envelope the phone rang.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hey, it's me," Willow said.

"I think I know your voice by now," Buffy remarked.

"Anyway, did you get my message?" Willow asked.

"Yeah, I was about to ring back. I was just opening the mail," Buffy explained.

"Well, I still have no idea what I'm going to get them, I mean what do you get an ex-demon for her wedding?" Buffy's attention was drawn away from the conversation as she looked at the first envelope. The address was written in a fine elegant script, she recognised straight away. Tracing the letters with her finger she whispered


"Huh?" Willow asked.

"Look Will, I'll call you back."

"Sure, are you all right?"

"Yeah," Buffy replied and put down the phone. But she didn't feel all right, her heart was filled with dread. Why would Angel write? Why didn't he come and see her or even call? She nervously opened the envelope, and unfolded the letter from inside:

Dearest Buffy,

If you're wondering why I've written, well I guess I still am to. I guess it's just the safest way to tell you. I've never been one for surprises and this way I know I have to wait for an answer.

A few years ago, while working on a case I found a scroll. Well actually I was sort of drawn to it, when Wesley translated it contained a prophecy about a vampire with a soul. I wanted to tell you at the time, but you seemed happy and content with your life and that's all I've ever really wanted for you. I could never disturb that.

The prophecy said that after the coming battles I would regain my humanity. To tell you the truth I was expecting it to happen in a decade or more, definitely not this soon. I wish now I had of told you especially after how Riley treated you, when I heard I desperately wanted to comfort you. But didn't, because I though I would just disturb your life, again.

I've been thinking about you a lot lately, the times that we shared. Although we went through a lot of pain, I will never forget the love you showed me.

I guess through this hopeless babbling I'm hoping you still do love me. I've never ever truly loved anyone like I love you, even in my centuries of existence. I miss you terribly, and I wish you were sitting out here in the sun with me. Cordelia insists I get a tan or she'll continue to say I look half dead, which I don't find as funny as she or Wesley does.

I still love you Buffy, I never stopped and now that we can be together I hope you still want to be.

Love always,


Buffy stared at the letter; she could hardly believe her eyes. The one man she loved, she could finally be with. She wiped the few tears of happiness that had trickled from her eyes, and reached for the phone. Then she had a better idea, she refolded the letter, grabbed her bag and headed for Los Angeles, the home of her Angel.

She arrived at Angel's place pretty late that night, she sheepishly remembered he may actually be in bed, sleeping. She tried the door but it was locked, so silently apologizing she broke the lock and gently opened the door. She crept around the house until she found his bedroom. The sight brought tears to her eyes, Angel lay sleeping, his chest rising and lowering as he breathed. Buffy removed her clothing until she was just in her underwear and crawled into the bed next to him, snuggling into his arms.

Angel woke up the next morning quite surprised to find Buffy asleep in his arms. He gently kissed her on the forehead, stroking her face tenderly. Buffy woke up and kissed him passionately. Angel too kissed her passionately, until the both of them had to stop for breath. "You got my letter?" Angel asked breathlessly. "I might of" Buffy replied teasingly. Before she could continue, Angel silenced her with a kiss.

The End