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My Angel by Kate

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to Joss Whedon, Sand dollar, Warner Bros., Fox and other rich people. Have I covered the legal garbage now?

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Author's Note: This is based on what I've read about season 5, I don't have it where I live so if it isn't entirely correct, that's my reason. Drusilla and Darla escaped to Sunnydale, and Angel has gone after them.

Angel knew where Dru would be, that was why he was heading to Spike's crypt. He only hoped Buffy wasn't around, because he didn't think she'd be impressed with him chasing the vampires in her territory. He tried not to think of the times Buffy and him had walked through this graveyard patrolling, and kissing. His thoughts were interrupted with a wooden cross in his face, he jumped back and growled. When he looked up he saw Willow. "Oh sorry," she said sheepishly dropping the cross "I didn't realise it was you."

"That's okay, sorry I growled, didn't realise it was you," Angel said.

"So are you here because of Riley?" Willow asked excitedly. She so wanted Buffy to be happy and that's one thing Angel did really well.

"Riley?" Angel asked confused.

"You know how he kinda cheated on Buffy with a vampire," Willow said, then it dawned on her "oh, you didn't know did you?"

"That stupid moron," Angel growled. He was so angry he changed in to his vampire face. Willow stepped back, Angel saw and instantly changed back "Sorry."

"That's okay," she stammered.

"Is she, okay?" Angel asked.

"Well, she bursts into tears randomly and um bashes the crap out of thing more than she use to. It was a shock 'cause she thought he was dependable, no offense."

"None taken, where is she now?"

"She went to see Spike, she's been gone a long time though. She asked me to wait outside." A look of pure fear crossed Angel's face. "What's wrong," Willow asked.

"I'll tell you later. But for now, go home as quickly as you can," Angel replied not wanting Willow to be caught. Willow didn't question him, she took off holding the cross in her hand.

Angel ran the rest of the way to Spike's crypt. When he got there he threw the door open, inside Darla was attacking Buffy and Dru was attacking Spike. "'Bout time the bloody calvary showed up," Spike quipped just dodging a punch from Dru. He ignored the two quarreling Ex-lovers and went to help Buffy who was taking a severe beating from Darla. "Angel, I'm glad you could make it, you wanna watch the cheerleader die?" Darla asked as she saw him. Buffy took the opportunity and grabbed her by the arm, she twisted it behind Darla's back and said "Don't they have news in hell? I gave up cheerleading," and threw her into the wall. Dru stopped bashing Spike and leapt at Buffy pinning her to the ground "that's for hurting my grandmummy,' she said. Angel pulled a stake from his jacket and drove it into her back, Dru whimpered before turning into dust. Angel helped Buffy up, "Thanks," Buffy said trying to avoid his gaze. "You killed Dru, that was a bit un-called for don't you think," Darla asked walking towards them.

"Actually I've been wanting to kill the bloody bitch for a while," Spike said.

"Speaking of killing," Buffy said picking up her dropped stake from the ground,

"I thought you were dust."

"I came back for my Angel," Darla said pushing Buffy against the wall.

"Darla," Buffy said grabbing her by her top, turning her around and pushing her against the wall "my Angel," she finished before staking her. "And stay like that," she muttered. She turned around to see Angel looking at her, "oh, I forgot you were there," she said trying not to look at him. He gently took her hand in his and said, "Let's go for a walk." They left Spike mumbling about stupid poof's making messes and then not cleaning up and walked into the cool night.

"Are you all right," Angel asked when they were away from the graveyard.

"A little sore," Buffy replied.

"Not about that," Angel said.

Buffy looked up at him trying hard not to cry, "How did you find out."

"Willow told me, but she thought I all ready knew."

"Willow, I totally forgot," Buffy said frantically looking around.

"It's okay," Angel said gently stroking her face "she's safe at home." Angel's touch broke what little restraint she had on her tears. She started sobbing and Angel pulled her to him. "Shhh, it's okay. Just let it out," Angel said as he sat down on a park bench with her stroking her hair. And Buffy did, she cried as she told him about her mother and Riley. About how alone and betrayed she felt. Angel sat there holding her until he realised that she had cried her self to sleep. He gently picked her up and carried her to her house. Dawn let them in and Angel took Buffy up into her bedroom where he laid her on her bed. He took off her shoes and pulled the blankets over her. He kissed her on the forehead and turned off the light. When he returned downstairs he found Dawn looking impatiently at him. "Can you tell her I'll call her?" he asked.

"Sure," Dawn replied.

"And tell your mother I hope she's feeling better."


"And can you let me through the door," Angel asked as Dawn had situated her self in front of the entrance."

"Are you two back together?"

"Isn't it way past your bed time?" Angel asked. Dawn rolled her eyes and stepped away from the door. After Angel walked out Dawn called after him "I hope you are." Angel said quietly to himself "Me too."

When Buffy woke up the next morning, she though the whole night must have been a dream. She went downstairs after having a shower and getting changed where she was greeted by Dawn. "Well what did you get up to last night?" Dawn asked. Buffy ignored her, but asked her mother "What did Dawn have for breakfast, Hyper beans?"

"No, but once again the toy at the bottom of the cereal box is gone. Maybe she ate that," Joyce replied.

"Well, if that's the way your going to talk about me then fine," Dawn said "oh by the way Buffy, Angel said he'd call." Buffy couldn't help the smile that spread across her face.

Angel called later that day, and of course Buffy answered the phone. After the small talk of how was your day, Buffy said "Thankyou, for last night."

"Your more than welcome."

"So, what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Are you okay," she asked softly.

So he told her about Darla and Dru, and how he'd sacked his staff. "I have every intention of begging them back though," he reassured her.

"Good," Buffy replied "well I spose I better let you go, and beg."

"Wait," Angel said.

"Yeah," Buffy replied excitedly.

"I haven't told you about the prophecy," Angel said. So he told her about how he would become human once the final battles were over. He heard her crying softly over the phone, "Buffy, what's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong," Buffy said "it's just good news."

"I'll speak to you soon," Angel promised.

"Okay, and Angel…"


"I love you."

"And I love you."

The End