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Online status.

By Clara M


This is an answer to Andra's challenge on the Slayer and her wolf site.

The challenge is: Buffy dumped, or was dumped by Riley. She's lonely so she gets on the net and finds a male email buddy. Yep, that's right! It's Oz. Use whatever timeline you like after he left the first time, or second, and be as smutty as you like. Cyber sex, they meet and have real life sex, don't care.

This is the first and last O/B fic I've written so I'd love feedback. Please be kind. I'm also well aware that this is a B/A page but I'm growing strangely fond of this couple. By the way Buffy's English assignment was my very own piece of English course work and was really hard. (And despite 5 attempts I still got a D. L)


Buffy was sat in the dorm room she shared with her ex-best friend Willow doing an assignment for her English class the next day but was having a hard time concentrating comparing the attitudes to war in the poems 'Charge of the light brigade' and 'Dulce et decorum est'.

She had hoped it would keep her mind off the fact that Willow was at that moment on a date with her former boyfriend Riley. Buffy had walked in on the two of them kissing in Riley's room and still hadn't got over it.

Throwing down her pen in annoyance she looked around the room until her eyes rested on the computer. "What the hell" She said out loud and logged n to a chat room and typed in her Internet name, Angel. Looking through the list of names of people already logged on she couldn't see any that she had chatted to before so she just sat back and watched the conversation going on in the main room.


Oz was bored. He'd been on the road for 6 months and had travelled through at least 20 countries and was now starting to get home sick. It wasn't so much Sunnydale or even Willow that he missed if he was honest but rather someone else. He missed her comments, her body, the way she moved…

Quickly he shook himself out of it and logged on to the Internet as he know did often now. It was strange he'd spent nearly a year and a half with Willow trying to master the 'net never with any real success but in just 6 months on his own he was becoming a pro.

After checking his e-mail and finding nothing but spam he logged on in chat and typed in his Internet name, Wolf. He then tried to come up with a topic for discussion and decided to see if anyone new anything about was going on in Sunnydale.


Buffy sat up and began to pay a little more notice when a question about what was going on in Sunnydale came up. Laughing out loud she PM'ed the person, Wolf back giving him the rather tame version of what had been going on.


*The next part will be Buffy and Oz's messages to each other*

Angel: Hi Wolf! I live in Sunnydale and it's been rather dull as of late.

Wolf: Hi Angel! Cool name. Nice to know nothings changed. I've been away for 6 months and was starting to get a little home sick so I'm debating coming back.

Angel: Don't come back! Wherever you've been it has to be better than here!

Wolf: Well, If I'm honest I'm starting to miss this girl and I'd quite like to talk to her again.

Angel: Why don't you phone her?

Wolf: Because then I wouldn't be able to see her as we talked.

Angel: Good point.

Wolf: So, what about you? Do you have a guy.

Angel: Nope. About a week a go I walked in on my so called best friend kissing my boyfriend so at the moment staying single is so much easier.

Wolf: That's rough. I once walked in on my girlfriend with a friend. It was not good.

Angel: Tell me about it. My boyfriend before Riley was wonderful though. But he was older to put it mildly and he decided it would be best for us both for him to leave. And the same best friend that I mentioned above, I lusted after her boyfriend for a while before meeting Riley so I don't have much luck in love. I always pick the wrong guys.

Wolf: Oh god, Buffy? Is that you?

Angel: How did you know my name? Wait a minute, Oz? Where are you?

Wolf: Yeah it's me. I'm at this moment of time in San Francisco.

Angel: You have got to ignore what I said about lusting after my best friends boyfriend.

Wolf: So it was Willow, Riley was cheating on you with?

Angel: Yeah.

Wolf: That's bad. But Buffy I don't want to forget what you said. The girl I mentioned? That's you.

Angel: Really?

Wolf: Yes. I've really missed you Buffy. I didn't expect to I mean I expected to miss Will but I didn't I missed you.

Angel: Oh god Oz that's so sweet! So are you going to come back?

Wolf: I think so. Will you be waiting?

Angel: You know I will be.

Wolf: Okay then. I'd better go. I might as well start driving now then I can be back in a couple of days. I'll phone when I get to Sunnydale okay?

Angel: Okay. I need to go too. Willow's just walked in and we need to do some talking. Goodnight Oz.

Wolf: Goodnight Buffy.


*Back to normal format.*

Buffy logged of and looked up at Willow. "We should talk." Willow turned round surprised that Buffy had spoken to her and nodded sitting down in the chair next to Buffy.

Buffy took a breath and started "Well, I just wanted to say that I understand about you and Riley and If you guys are happy together then I can be happy for you."

Willow smiled as tears filled her eyes at her friend before saying "Thank you. And I'm really sorry about how Riley and I went about things, I should have been honest from the start you're my best friend and I never meant to hurt you!"

"Oh Will! Don't cry or I will too!" Buffy jumped up and hugged her friend before letting go and sitting back down. "There is something you should know though. I've just been in a chat room and I was talking to this guy and it turned out to be Oz…"

She took a moment to take in Willow's reaction which was slightly shocked. "And we realised that we have feelings for each other which we'd quite like to act on and he's on his was back to Sunnydale now." She finished in a rush and looked up and Willow prepared to be shouted at but nothing happened Willow just smiled. "What?"

"Buffy, I knew you to had feeling for each other it was obvious! Plus you two just seem to fit. I'm happy for you." Buffy breathed a sigh of relief and hugged Willow again.

"I'm really glad, and hey maybe we could double date some time and now I'm gonna go to bed I'm tied and I'm going to have to get up early to finish my English work. Night Will."

"Night Buffy."


*This is two days later just after Sunset.*

Oz sank down on the bed in his old room in the house he shared with the other dingoes. He had to admit it was good to be home. Picking the phone up he dialled Buffy and Willow's number and waited for someone to pick up.

When Buffy did after two rings he told her that he was back at the Dingoes house and she could come round anytime. He smiled as Buffy told him she would be round in about an hour after a quick patrol.


An hour later a freshly showed Oz answered the door to find Buffy looking stunning in black figure hugging trousers and a blue velvet top.

"Hi." She said feeling strangely shy as Oz looked at her.

"Hi, Come on in." Oz led her into the kitchen where he got them a couple of drinks then they made their way to his room so they could talk without being disturbed by Devon or any of the others.

They talked for about an hour, until Oz leaned over and softly kissed Buffy before pulling back and looking into her eyes. She smiled up at him before leaning back and asking "So, What are we going to do?"

Oz sat back and took of his drink before saying "Take things slowly and see what happens."

Buffy nodded in agreement before saying "So, You wanna Bronze it? The whole gang should be there." Oz Smiled at his now girlfriend and nodded. Standing up he held out his hand which Buffy took and they made there way to the out the door.