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Title: Surprise
Author: Kate
Disclaimer: This is a rewrite for god's sake. If I owned them I wouldn't be writing this! No, the evil one Joss owns them.
Rating: PG
Content: B/A Fluff
Timeline: An alternate ending to surprise
Spoilers: Surprise
Distribution: Please, take it. Just tell me where.
Synopsis: What if Drucilla's minions hadn't attacked at the docks and Angel had left with the Judge's arm.
Author's Note: This picks up right after Buffy puts on the Claddagh ring.

"Buffy, I," Angel started.
"You what," Buffy asked, her eyes widening.
"I love you," Angel finished.
"Oh Angel, I love you too," Buffy said, her eyes filling with tears.
Angel gently cupped Buffy's cheek "I try not to, but I can't stop."
"Me neither," Buffy confessed. They shared a passionate kiss until Angel gently pulled away and said, "I'll come back to you Buffy, I promise."
"I know," Buffy said, then added " and I'll be waiting." With one sad but loving look back Angel walked on to the boat.


"So much, Will. I feel so empty with out him," Buffy answered.
"Even I wish he was here," Xander muttered. Everyone looked at him, "Well, you're so miserable without him."
"He'll be back, I know he will, he promised," Buffy said.
"While waiting for the love of your life or whatever is great, exactly how many people have asked you out?" Cordelia asked.
"Five, including that Riley guy who just keeps on trying," Buffy told her with a sigh. "His persistence is commendable," Oz commented.
"Yeah, he's the energizer battery guy. He should be a soldier or something," Xander quipped.
"Ugh, who wants a soda?" Buffy asked. Everyone's hand shot up. As Buffy waited for the drinks at the bar, a young teenage boy with sandy brown hair came over and said "Hi Buffy."
Buffy sighed, "Hi Riley."
"Boyfriend back from his overseas trip yet," he asked challengingly
"Look, I'm flattered. I'm sure you're a nice guy but I have a boyfriend, who I love and he's coming back soon. Just, leave it," she told him.

"Who is this guy?" Riley asked.
"I hope it's me," a familiar voice said. Buffy spun around to see Angel. Soon all thoughts of sodas and Riley faded from her mind as she fell into Angel's arms.
Willow came up, smiled at Angel and took the sodas to the table. "Oh god, Angel. I'm so glad you're back, what took you so long?" Buffy asked holding him tight.
"Well, you know. I had an arm to get rid of, a pulse to gain," he replied with a smirk.

Buffy looked at him, "A what?" He gently held her palm to his chest, to feel the soft thudding of his new heartbeat. "How," Buffy stammered.
"I passed Romania on the way. The Gypsy elder told me I had suffered enough for my crimes," Angel replied "And something about a happiness clause, I guess I was to happy to listen."
Buffy held him tighter in her embrace "It doesn't matter. The important thing is you're here, and we're together."